Big Head Todd and the Monsters
On The Road Again- Spring/Summer 2011

So there we were, loading up the gear and the bus to roll east. Twas the first of June, and we had to get going towards Kansas, and when we woke up the next morning, we were in a town we had never been to before. Wichita. We had been within a few miles before…. Lawrence, KC, OKC, Tulsa…. but never to Wichita. Parked outside the Cotillion Ballroom, a cool round building , huge. And it was hot out. We ended up doing pretty well for the first tour date of summer, and had one of the longest autograph signing lines we have ever seen. Wanna know what you fans say the most often to the band guys as you are getting stuff signed? Here it is: “I saw you guys back in XXX at the XXX. That was the first time I saw you and it was a great show. Do you remember?”. If I had a nickel……. And that’s all cool to take us down your memory lane, but it often leaves the band at a loss as to how to respond… ” Well, I guess we were there!” Or hopefully someone on our side of the table remembers. It’s just that there are so many shows.
After the Wichita experience, we rolled overnight north to South Dakota, pulling in to a nice town called Yankton. We parked in the shadow of the water tower and loaded on to a beautiful large stage situated in the middle of a huge park, adjacent to the local middle school. The school acted as our dressing room area for the day, and Todd and I shot some hoops for a while in the gym. It was a beautiful day and the evening was perfect for a show, with the exception of the little gnats that seemed to annoy all of us. We put on some OFF, but it did not help much. Then after dark, the large exoskeletal flying bugs started dive bombing the stage, flipping over on their backs, helplessly flailing there legs in hopes of righting themselves. Stupid bugs…..
Great attendance at this city sponsored event. Hope to be invited back. 
We drove back down south bound and woke up in Kansas City, where we had another hot load in at the Crossroads venue, the place where we had played just last year with the BoDeans. It’s a pretty cool outdoor venue. We struggled a bit with some house audio issues, but it got worked out just in time to get the first of three bands on stage. Stone Foxes, then Langhorn Slim, then us. Not a bad night actually. 
After stopping home for a couple days, we are on the road again tonight to Des Moines, in hopes that the Simon Estes Amphitheater is still on the banks of the Des Moines River, and not PART OF the Des Moines River. 
See you on the road. 

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